The mission and educational philosophy of The Founders Center is to provide children with autism and other developmental disabilities an individualized educational program that enables them to reach their full potential. We offer both full-day, year-round educational services for individuals ages 5-22 years and behavioral services for individuals ages 2-21 years. Staff ratio and community participation is based on each child’s individual educational or behavioral support needs. The Founders Center has been a program of Commonwealth Autism since July 2012.


Behavioral Services

The Founders Center provides behavioral services for children ages 2 and older with a combination of one on one direct instruction, small group learning, and inclusion opportunities with typical peers.

Preschool Programs

Educational Services

The Founders Center provides educational services for children 5-12 years old. Programs are tailored to provide the least restrictive environment possible based on the individual needs of the child.

Transitional Programs


The Founders Center Transition Program provides services for children ages 12-21 years to help them develop the skills required to transition to adult life.

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