Browser Support

In order to ensure access to a broad range of users, our site incorporates modern coding techniques such as HTML5 and ARIA which work best in a modern web-browser.

We strongly recommend that you keep your web browser and mobile device operating systems as up-to-date as possible.  This is a best-practice for performance, compatibility, as well as browser security.

Our Favorite Browsers

  • For Microsoft Windows: Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest) or IE10+
  • For Apple OSX: Chrome (latest), Safari (latest), Firefox (latest)

Mobile Browsers

When your device has a smaller screen, we adjust the positioning and size of certain elements and content items.  We never remove or change content based on device, so you can access the entire website from the device of your choosing.

  • We recommend Safari on iOS when using VoiceOver, Safari or Chrome without.
  • We recommend Firefox on Android Devices when using Talkback or Chrome without.

Input Devices

Our site has been developed and tested to be fully operable via the keyboard, or device emulating a keyboard.

All controls aside from inputs are also compatible with the mouse and touch gestures (on Mobile/Tablet)

Assistive Technology

Our site relies on standards-compliant markup and code to ensure accessibility.  We also utilize WAI-ARIA techniques to ensure all information about the interface and content are adequately passed along to a Screen Reader.

Our developers and testers use the following technology to assert compatibility:

  • Windows Internet Explorer with Freedom Scientific’s JAWS screen reader – Full Test Coverage
  • Apple Safari with Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader – Full Test Coverage
  • Mozilla Firefox with the open-source screen reader NVDA – Partial Test Coverage
  • Apple Safari for iOS with VoiceOver – Full Test Coverage
  • Android with Talkback – Partial Test Coverage

Adobe Reader

From time to time we publish documents that have been created using Adobe’s PDF (Portable Document Format).  Additional software from Adobe may be required to open these documents, you can visit Adobe’s website via the following link to acquire the software: Get Adobe Reader

Note that these documents may have been produced by 3rd parties, and may contain issues that make them partially or wholly unusable via screen-reader.

Please contact us if you are having difficulty with one of our PDFs.