All Founders Center programs have rolling admission, so there are no set deadlines for enrollment.

Diagnostic Assessment Clinic contact us for more information on scheduling a clinic evaluation


 For our Educational & Behavioral Services, the following steps will be completed as part of the intake and enrollment process:

  1. Contact us to schedule a tour or to answer any pre-enrollment questions you might have. We accept admission from either school divisions or parents, depending on the funding source. Behavioral Services are typically funded through insurance or private payment. Educational Services are typically funded through school districts or CSA funding.
  2. If you are looking to pay privately, using insurance for Behavioral Services, find out more about our Insurance billing process. You can also find out how your insurance would cover TFC programs and fees before you request a tour.
  3. A tour of the appropriate site is scheduled with our Program Manager or the Director. At this meeting, you will be provided with an intake packet that includes additional information about our programs, information regarding insurance billing procedures (if applicable), and an initial application form.
  4. Once we receive the completed initial application form, an observation and formal intake will be scheduled with the family and/or service coordinator.  This may take place at the child’s current school, home, or on a TFC campus, depending on what is most appropriate for the child’s current needs.
  5. After an observation and interviews with current teachers or caregivers and the family, the administrative team will determine whether the child will be served appropriately at TFC.  If it is determined that TFC is a good fit for the student, the family and/or placing agent(s) will be contacted regarding pursuit of admission or placement on a waiting list if space is not available.
  6. A complete admission packet will be sent to the parent and/or placing agent for completion once a start date has been agreed upon.  Determination of start date may be contingent on available space and the need (if any) to hire additional staff. We must also have all necessary paperwork completed and on file prior to the child’s first day.
  7. Prior to entrance to the program, a funding source must be solidified. For placements utilizing public funding, this includes an accurate purchase order. For placements utilizing private funding, this includes a billing contract and authorization for insurance billing (if applicable).
  8. When all enrollment paperwork is complete, funding is secured and confirmed, and the staff has completed initial training, the child will enter the program.


Enrollment for Community Support Services

Contact us to discuss your individual need. Our Program Managers can provide you with more information regarding service options.


Admissions for Residential Services

Richmond House strives to create a supportive community of adults who thrive in a group residential living environment. You should contact us to schedule a tour and intake for potential admission. Criteria for admission are listed below.

Prospective Residents must:

  • Be single and between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • Have an Autism  Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis.
  • Be able to benefit from the community and programs offered.
  • Be functionally literate and have a high school diploma, GED certificate, or a certificate of high school completion/attendance.
  • Have full time involvement (or be actively seeking) in competitive employment, supported employment, vocational    training, recreation program, a volunteer position, or higher education.
  • Have a parent/guardian who can participate in program decisions for the individual.
  • Have a commitment to personal independence.
  • Be willing and able to comply with Richmond House policies and procedures.
  • Show evidence of psychological maturity and stability.
  • Be ambulatory and able to climb and descend stairs.
  • Be independent (or independent with prompting) with dressing, feeding, managing hygiene needs, and managing own medication and other health-related issues.
  • Be able to perform supervised house and work-related activities.
  • Must not have have a criminal record.
  • Be mentally healthy and free of substance abuse and serious behavioral problems, such as active psychosis, serious affective disorders and depression.
  • Must not have a history of setting fires or sexual offenses.

Upon admission, the individual will live at Richmond House for a three month trial period to ensure that there is a positive “fit” with the other residents and with the services offered. Residents wishing to leave the program must give 30 days notice.