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Our behavioral health services are available to children ages 2 and older who may wish to utilize insurance benefits to support their child’s needs.  Participants admitted to the program typically have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, however, children with additional diagnoses such as speech-language impairment, developmental delay, or intellectual disability are also considered for admission.

In our early childhood programs, each child has opportunities to participate with an inclusion classroom at their respective site. The child participates in activities such as meals, centers, circle time, outdoor and indoor play, and large group events such as Stretch and Grow, The Fun Bus, or Mad Science. The level of participation is determined by each child’s abilities as well as their need for individualized instruction. Support is provided by the lead teacher and instructional assistants. Participants may also be pulled into the Founders Center “home base” for sensory breaks or individual instruction as determined by his or her Service Plan.

School-age services utilizing behavioral health benefits can vary based on the child’s need. Please contact our program manager for more information.

Competent Learner Model (CLM) is the driving force behind our assessments and curriculum. Supplemental materials such as typical preschool learning materials are used to provide instruction.

The program is staffed with a lead instructor to oversee each site and ABA Therapists (assistants) who work with the children to provide individualized instruction and support throughout the day. The instructor to participant ratio is no less than 6:8. Related services as required by each individual’s plan are provided by contractors. These providers are contracted directly by the placing agent or the parents. Services provided may include speech, occupational, physical, or vision therapies.

As part of our program, all employees participate in a rigorous schedule of professional development and training. Additionally, Behavior Analysts provide direct feedback to program staff on a weekly basis.